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It is the countenance of a person who is about to manifest a vital question: the good life.

And the Pinkberry girl who just served up this dish isn’t exactly sure where that life is, so stop asking.

Here, they re-create one of the confections they sell at their handmade-candy company, Liddabit—layers of peanut-filled caramel and nougat enrobed in chocolate, which they call the Snacker.

On the second day of a bad cold, when taste buds have deserted to go on a long eventful journey with no expected date of return—perhaps to Puerto Escondido to pick a ripe mango from a tree and drip orange splatters in the dirt streets and have children point and giggle “la turista”—a person cannot taste anything.

She is sure about the $.60 extra for the “luxe”-ness of the milk-chocolate crunch topping.

“It’s in the ‘Luxe’ area, see, everything over here is ‘Luxe’ and costs extra.” Read: the chocolate part is in a different form from the non-luxe “shaved Belgian milk chocolate” (no extra cost).

The consistency of a Glutino English Muffin is that of the disintegrating foam seat in a 1960s trailer, crumbs refuse to stick and join in on the glory of the muffin, tidbits abandon their roots, running as fast as possible, leaving more fragments than muffin tumbling to their death onto the unmopped kitchen floor. It is a Happening, though, an Experience Worth Talking About, because the bewildered brow on the eater, the bamboozled expression on the taster are all similar.A moist, delicious Chocolate-Mayonnaise Cake pleases crowds of all ages, and is the perfect dessert to bring to a neighbor, to a potluck, or to a summer party.Summer is in full swing, which (hopefully) means trips to the park or the beach.I know, I know, I should have bought a red, but I thought the artificial smoke of the chip would come to life when matched with the floral bouquet of your classic Pinot.The freakish accuracy of today’s flavored potato chip gave me hope for the future until I read the back of the bag: want to club something?

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Sip on that fancy space- juice ‘til the break of Doon!